Mark Olsonawski Family Sponsors Down Home’s 100th Move-In  in Memory of Late-Wife, Andi


“Having the ability to be thankful and grateful for what you’ve been given even if there are trials and tribulations will strengthen you and make you better. We’ve grown by leaning on God and moving forward by Andi’s example,” Mark Olsonawski.

Down Home celebrated a memorable milestone move-in, their 100th, in memory of Andi. Dear family and friends partook in the powerful process of transforming an empty space into a dignifed home for a family of 5. Andi’s love and strength were evident and continue to live on through everyone who knew her.

“This is a beautiful story of how God has His hand on all our lives. He’s the one connecting the dots. So many people think you have to be something or do something big to have an impact, but Andi’s story and Down Home’s story show that wherever we are planted, be a great example. You can be a difference maker, ” Mark Olsonawski.

DH empowers lives by furnishing homes for families and individuals emerging from homelessness. DH envisions a community where everyone lives in a supported, stable, and nurturing home. Founded in 2017, DH has furnished 106 homes and counting, impacting over 360 lives. To find out more about Move-In Sponsorship, visit

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