Best of the Red River Valley 2020: Best Late-Night Eats

Kroll's Diner was voted best late-night eats for Best of the Red River Valley 2020.

Kroll's Dinner Best of 2020 - Best Late night eats
Kroll's Diner is a Fargo favorite due to classic diner dishes like all-day breakfast and burgers. Photo courtesy of Kroll's Diner.

Winner: Kroll's Diner

Location: Fargo, Mandan, Bismarck and Minot

The number of diners increased after World War II lighting up the American night with shiny chrome and neon signage. 24 hour diners were a place to head to after the bar or where nightshift workers could get a meal while most people slept.

Kroll’s Diner carries on the diner tradition with its retro look and classic menu. Famous for its tagline, “Sit Down and Eat!,” if it’s 3 am, this 24-hour establishment is one of the only places in Fargo-Moohead you are going to get some late night eats.

Located at 1033 45th St. S., Fargo, Kroll’s serves classic diner food like burgers and fries, but also offers a different take on the classic American diner menu with German specialties like kneophla soup and cabbage rolls.


Becky Jenks, a server and manager at Kroll's for 20 years started out on the night shift.

“Everybody likes the lights,” she said. “All types come here late. High schoolers, cops, night crew workers. We just have good food.”

Second Place: Pizza Patrol

Third Place: Deeks Pizza

Fourth Place: SouthTown PourHouse

Fifth Place: The Blarney Stone Pub | West Fargo

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