Downtown Fargo boutique known for promoting ethical shopping to close Dec. 12; business has donated $453,160 to nonprofits since opening in 2014

The boutique, which pledged to donate its profits to initiatives that address health, hunger, education and employment, has donated $453,160 since opening its doors in 2014.

Others, a boutique that specialized in products made from artisans around the world, located at 218 Broadway will close at the end of business Dec. 12. David Samson / The Forum

FARGO -- The Others, a local boutique at 218 Broadway known for promoting ethical shopping, will close its doors Dec. 12.

The Others team announced the news in a Facebook post Sunday, Nov. 1.

"Dear Do-Gooders, There's no denying 2020 has changed every one of our lives. To many, it has brought discomfort, pain, and loss. For us, it has also brought reflection, motivation, and transition. And so, the time has come to make a difficult decision.

"Goodbye isn't easy. Dec. 12th, 2020 will be the final day of operation for Others. We aren't blaming Covid; we're choosing to be grateful. We are encouraged by the impact we have made together, and while there is still so much good left to do, we need to be honest with ourselves. It is time to transition into the uncertain but bright future," read the statement.


Others first opened its doors in 2014 at 18 8th St. S. in Fargo. At the time, founder Laura Morris explained that ethical shopping involved buying and selling goods that were produced with the least impact on the environment and the most positive impact on the people who created them.

Examples included clothing, accessories and jewelry made by marginalized women in countries such as Ethiopia, India, Cambodia and Kenya.

In addition, Morris pledged to donate the store's profits to initiatives that addressed health, hunger, education and employment.

Brand Manager Sarah Peltier says the store proved good on its word. Since 2014, they've donated a total of $453,160.

"Through our work at Others, we funded the creation of a well in Mali. We funded a breakfast program at a school in Haiti. As we know, kids who don’t start the day with breakfast aren’t able to learn quite as well," Peltier said.

Others also worked with the Adventure Project to to fund the creation of job training for sustainable jobs for 100 people in Central Africa, she said.

Peltier said the Others team is proud to have started a community conversation about social good and social justice.


"I think something we’re really proud of is that Others started as a gift store. Over the last couple of years, it has really transformed into a really welcoming and safe space in the community for people to have really open and honest conversations about doing good and about social good and social justice," she said.

While the store will soon close, their work is not over.

"The community we’ve built and the good that’s being done can live outside of the door. While the store is closing, we’re all going to be transitioning our efforts to other community projects in Fargo-Moorhead," she said.

The Facebook post went on to thank customers for their continued support over the years.

"Thank you. Our hearts are full, and so is the store! In the coming weeks there will be discounts, there will be virtual happy hours, there will be tearful memories told....

"Support us by making these last 6 weeks the very best weeks Others has ever seen! We couldn't have done any of this without you...," it said.

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