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The growth everywhere in the metro (and beyond) is a sight to behold

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Danielle Teigen, Impact editor
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Every year when we sit down to brainstorm what to write about for a business and industry publication, I’m always delighted when the ideas pour out. We never have any issues coming up with content ideas because the business community in Fargo-Moorhead is so dynamic and interesting that we often can’t get to every idea we initially come up with.

That’s a good problem.

We’re not saying the metro business community doesn’t ever deal with some challenges (be sure to read about how organizations are addressing the labor shortage as well as supply chain issues), but the good still far outweighs the bad.

And as much press as the historic downtowns of Fargo and Moorhead get, we can’t overlook the incredible development happening along Sheyenne Street in West Fargo as well as south of 32nd Avenue (we’re looking at you, The Lights) and the east side of Moorhead (thanks to a beautiful new high school and much-needed underpass project).

The growth everywhere in the metro (and beyond) is a sight to behold and one of many reasons this community continues to attract people and companies. This is a wonderful community to live and work in, and we’re so pleased to be a part of it, today and every day.

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Danielle Teigen has a bachelor's degree in journalism and management communication as well as a master's degree in mass communication from North Dakota State University. She has worked for Forum Communications since May 2015, first as a digital content manager before becoming the Life section editor and then deputy editor. She recently moved back to her hometown in South Dakota, where she works remotely for Forum Communications as managing editor of On the Minds of Moms.
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