ST. PAUL — A Minnesota interfaith group plans to deliver a letter Wednesday, Feb. 19, to Gov. Tim Walz's office bearing the names of religious officials who oppose the Line 3 oil pipeline project.

Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light said it collected approximately 570 signatures for the letter, including those of leaders from several denominations of churches throughout the state. Clerical officials from synagogues, mosques and other places of worship in Minnesota signed the letter, as well.

Signatures from California, Arkansas, Wyoming and other states also appear on the letter.

Owned and operated by Canadian energy company Enbridge, the Line 3 pipeline extends more than 1,000 miles from Alberta, Canada to Superior, Wis. The plan to replace it with a newer and purportedly safer pipeline has been met with considerable opposition in Minnesota's Native American communities and in environmental circles.

The proposed route for the new pipeline would cut between, but not through, the White Earh and Leech Lake reservations in northern Minnesota, the latter of which the existing pipeline traverses. The new pipeline would continue, however, to cut across the Fond du Lac reservation.

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An environmental group as well as a religious one, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light plans to protest the pipeline at the State Capitol by reading the names of the 200-odd bodies of water it would cross. The group said it planned to gather more than 100 people for the event.