Fargo woman plans to unleash Mutt's Pourhouse 'bark and beer' concept in the F-M area

Amanda Bodensteiner says she's trying to track down a location, with a goal of opening the indoor off-leash dogpark and bar in early 2022.

Bondi, pictured here, is the companion of Amanda Bodensteiner. The Fargo woman plans to open an indoor dog park and bar combo in the Fargo-Moorhead area that she's already named Mutt's Pourhouse. (Mutt's Pourhouse photo)
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FARGO - A Fargo woman is doggedly searching for a home for a business that will combine an off-leash indoor dogpark with a taproom.

Amanda Bodensteiner wants to open Mutt’s Pourhouse in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

“We’re still looking for a location,” Bodensteiner said Monday, July 12. “It’s hard to find a place for dogs and beer on the same premises. Not a lot of landlords want to do that.”

She would like to see the “barks and beer” business concept unleashed by early 2022, but adds that a location will have to be tracked down first.

A June 29 Facebook post indicates that the ownership pack has learned plenty of people think the idea makes sense.


“WOW, I am so humbled to see how many people like this idea and are ready to visit!! We have worked very hard and thought through the details to make sure this place is safe for both the dogs and their humans. In the next few weeks we will be doing posts explaining the research we've done and what to expect at our location!” the post said. “We can't say where we will be located or when we will be opening our doors, but hopefully soon we will be able to tell you all.

For now I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. In just over 48 hours since we announced the business we have over 1,200 followers!!”


July Facebook posts indicated that glasses, T-shirts, dog bandanas and other items with the Mutt’s Pourhouse logo were being pre-sold.
A filing with the North Dakota Secretary of State’s office shows the business was incorporated in mid-December 2020.

According to the company’s website, Mutt’s Pourhouse will feature large- and small-dog play areas “complete with agility equipment for canine pleasure and seating for their humans.” There will also be referees to monitor the dog interactions.

The bar will carry both domestic and locally-brewed beer. Humans can either enjoy their beer in the dog park or stay in the bar.

Bodensteiner said the germ of the idea came in 2019. During a work trip to Denver, she visited a bar that allowed dogs off-leash on the patio. After developing a business plan, she said visits to 10 dog park bars were made to gain insights on best practices.

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