Fargo Police are clearing up confusion when it comes to Cannabidiol, or, as it's more commonly known, CBD.

Recent changes made it legal to possess in North Dakota and Minnesota.

From forms of gummies to coffee, to oil and dog treats, the popularity of CBD has exploded since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized it, but with more products out there, it's buyers beware.

"If it's going be health beneficial oriented, it needs to be guaranteed that you know what you're doing," said Carly Petrovic, general manager of CBD in Moorhead, Minn. "If it's not labeled for smoking consumption, there's no reason for you to light it up and smoke it anyways."

She says while users can't overdose on CBD, it needs to be used correctly.

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"Now experts really want you to make sure that you're doing your homework before buying a CBD product, like this from a company, because what you see might not really be what you get," said Petrovic.

"This girl had come in, and she was looking for a certain product because we sell customizable (disposable) pens," said Petrovic, who says the customer bought a liquid elixir at a local shop that had sold it to her as a vape refill. But, it turns out, that wasn't what she bought at all.

"It's an under the tongue oil tincture," said Petrovic, explaining that is a crude oil made to be dissolved under the tongue which can cause a buildup in a person's lungs worse than vaping when smoked.

"Just because you find it on a gas station shelf, just because you find it at Walmart, does not mean that's what you're getting because it's not FDA regulated," she said.

Something you can look for to make sure the products are what they say they are, is to look at the third party testing results by the batch number.

To be legal, CBD has to be extracted from legally produced hemp and have less than 3% THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana that gives people a high.