Winner: Best Exercise Facility 2017

Winner: Family Wellness Fargo

Location: 2960 Seter Pkwy., Fargo


You've won this award four years in a row. What's working?

"We are really working to make an overall wellness plan rather than a fitness plan," said director Jenna Johnson. "We do a good job with the physical activity but not the other parts of wellness, like eating well, resting well, and avoiding things that get in the way of a healthy lifestyle. We've been doing more wellness coaching."


How important is that word 'Wellness'?

"It's certainly very important," said Johnson. "I think more and more people are realizing the importance. But I don't think we are competing with a lot of the other gyms; the more the merrier in my book. What we're competing against the is obesity, diabetes, heart disease. It's more people to help us battle the sedentary lifestyle."


It's a lot more than 'just a gym' for you isn't it?

"It's definitely more than just a gym for us," said Johnson. "It's a place where people can be together. It's a family environment where we have fun programs for kids and different exercise programs. It helps people get started and maintain an active lifestyle. We're here to inspire healthy lifestyles."


Second Place: CrossFit Fargo

Third Place: YMCA of Cass & Clay Counties