Winner: Best Eye Doctor 2017

Winner: Eyecare Associates P.C.

Location: West Acres Shopping Center, 3902 13th Ave. S., Fargo


When should someone come see you?

"We like to see patients right away if they are having issues, including; dry eyes, red eyes, or something in the eye or under the lid." said optometrist Dr. Mason Wilner. "We have appointments available to get urgent problem right away." Wilner also said, "We like to see all patients for a yearly eye health exams to catch vision or eye health changes before they become larger issues."


What's your number one eye health tip?

"My number one tip is don't wait if you think you have a problem," Wilner said. "Eye issues are almost always easier to treat if caught early. I can't count how many patients we have seen with difficult eye problems that could have been more easily treated right away."


Personal preference - glasses or contacts?

"I like both and neither," Wilner said. "I enjoy the challenge of fitting contacts and helping people get the best prescription possible in glasses. I also love helping people get ready for Lasik or cataract surgery to help eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. Every patient is different and has different goals and getting them to those goals is what makes our job so enjoyable."


Second Place: Eyes on Broadway -Michael Rexine OD

Third Place: Eye2Eye Vision