Winner: Best Family Practice Physician 2017

Winner: Heidi Olson-Fitzgerald, PA-C (Essentia Health)

Location: 801 Belsly Blvd., Moorhead


What's something that confuses people about their health?

"Sometimes people wait until their yearly check-up to talk about recurring or new problems," said Heidi Olson-Fitzgerald, PA-C at Essentia Health. "I don't want people to wait or delay care. I want to know about issues with my patients' health right away. That's what I'm here for."


Why do your patients like you so much?

"I think my patients see that being a PA is more than a job. It's my career and my

calling. I love what I do!" said Olson. "Healthcare isn't about tests or scans or medications. It's about people. It's about relationships. I consider the people I see an extension of my family. I have some families that I see four generations of, and that is truly an honor"


What makes your practice successful?

"Whenever you bring a team of highly-qualified and caring people together, the results

will show," explains Olson. "I am simply one part of a great team that works hard to take the best care of our friends and neighbors. At Essentia Health, we are called to make a healthy difference in people's lives. That's not just a motto we have written on the wall, it's a mission we live by."


Second Place: Teri Johnson, MD (Independent Family Doctors)

Third Place: Kinsey Nelson, MD (Essentia Health)