Winner: Best Medical Facility 2017

Winner: Essentia Health

Location: 1 hospital and 10 clinics in Fargo-Moorhead along with 15 hospitals and 75 clinics within the Essentia Health system.


Your reaction to winning?

"I am so happy for our providers, staff and volunteers at Essentia Health. They work hard to provide quality care and service to our patients," said Tim Sayler, COO, Essentia Health-West. "It's an honor to serve our patients, and it's a privilege and responsibility we don't take lightly."


What makes your medical facility successful?

"Hands down, it is the people who work at Essentia that make our medical facility successful," said Sayler. "You can have the greatest buildings and latest technology, but it really is about the people who deliver the care. We do have wonderful facilities and the latest equipment, but it is nothing without our skilled and caring staff. Everyone here believes we are "called to make a difference to all we serve" and it is reflected in the great outcomes that occur each and every day.


What's new for Essentia Health?

"We are growing with the needs of a dynamic community and region," said Sayler. "In the next two years, our hospital will have a considerable renovation with construction of a new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and a 30-bed expansion of our current Medical/Surgical unit, OB rooms and observation facilities. Throughout the region, we are significantly investing in new and existing facilities."


Second Place: Sanford Health

Third Place: Catalyst Medical Center & Clinical Spa