WEST FARGO - You may have noticed a new, giant toothbrush on the side of Veteran’s Boulevard in West Fargo.

The eye-catching idea didn’t come from the new Crossroads Dental office. In fact, it came from another dentist office 10 minutes away.

Dr. Nathan Nygard’s twin brother, Dr. Ryan Nygard, operates Smile Care in South Fargo. The dentist duo was born and raised in Fargo, went to college together, and both chose to have their practices stay in the community.

Ryan played a big role in helping his brother design his new dental office, located next to Blarney Stone Pub in West Fargo.

"It’s nice to be able to bounce ideas off one another and use that as a way to grow in our practice," said Ryan Nygard.

“We both kinda have the same fuel that makes us go, and we both want to learn, and how can we incorporate new technology with patients," added Nathan Nygard. "It’s nice to have someone who’s right there alongside you, who has the same drive and desire and wants to provide the same care for the patients.”

The family connections continue from there.

Their father, Larry Nygard of Roers Companies, was the contractor for the new office.

“When it came time for Nate to expand, because of the growth in his practice, it was a natural fit for me to step in and say, ‘Nate, I’ll work with you to get you the best building, the most efficient layout, and all the tricks we use in our business,’” said Larry Nygard.

But that’s not the last Nygard to help build the new business. The twins’ older brother, Matt, helped their father and now does the accounting and business work for both dental offices.

“I couldn’t see myself doing something where my brothers aren’t involved,” Ryan said. “To have a brother who is a dentist and my older brother to help out in the back office, it really is the best of all things.”

To top it off, both Ryan and Matt’s wives are hygienists. They say, inevitably, teeth are a regular part of their dinner conversations.

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