FARGO — Once family friends, two physicians reunited through their work now hope to keep carrying on teaching as coworkers at Sanford Health in Fargo.

That mentorship is shared from father to friend and then to daughter.

The memories come flooding back for Dr. Jessie Lindemann and Dr. Debra Walker. They reminisce at the Sanford Broadway Clinic about when Dr. Walker was mentored by Dr. Lindemann's dad nearly 30 years ago.

"I knew her because she had her practice right next to my dads, but I was also aware of their friendship and relationship that they had," Lindemann said.

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Dr. Alan Lindemann would mentor Dr. Walker as she was starting out. They would lose touch a bit when Walker moved to Africa years later until recently when Dr. Lindemann's daughter Jessie became a family physician.

"I saw her at one of the physician meetings and I wasn’t aware that she was working for Sanford again, so that was a nice friendly face to see," Lindemann said.

Long lost family friends suddenly became coworkers with a long history. Now it would be Walker becoming the teacher, mentoring the daughter of the man who taught her the same skills some 20 years earlier.

"It was one day when were actually doing a colposcopy when I said, 'It was your dad who was the one who mentored me when I was learning and doing a lot of those procedures'", Walker said. Lindemann's father still practices as a rural physician and lives in Elgin, N.D.

Though, Lindemann is quick to say much more was handed down to the two outside of just medical knowledge.

"Just that desire to instill in other doctors not only the information, but the compassion side of being a doctor," said Lindemann.

Now that they're reconnected, they hope the passion for teaching can continue and be passed on to even more residents.

"Now, she’s mentoring and teaching the residents many of the things that have been passed along, so just to see that line going down is just exciting," said Walker.

Aside from working at the Broadway Clinic, Jessie Lindemann also sees patients at the Sanford North Fargo Clinic.