FARGO — A local video game cafe is using its high powered gaming computers to help find a cure for coronavirus.

Section 9 — located on 1142 17th St. N. — normally welcomes visitors to pay per hour to play video games on their state of the art equipment.

Because of coronavirus concerns, they have had no choice but to close down shop for the safety of themselves and their customers.

"There was a lot of coughing and different things going on," said manager Ken Sanford. "We do our best to sanitize this place between customers and everything but just realized, we weren't going to be able to keep up with that."

He said they made the tough, yet responsible decision to close down temporarily. In the meantime, their computers are running a program called Folding-At-Home.

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The program can be installed onto computers and other tech devices and will have them crunch numbers for formulas using processing power that is not in use, to help find solutions for diseases like the coronavirus.

Sanford said that Section 9 has taken a hit this year financially, but it did not start with the pandemic.

"December started and ended with a blizzard right smack in the middle of January," Sanford explained. "The blizzards around here have shut stuff down, not just for like two days like when I was a kid. It's like, three, four, sometimes five days almost."

He says Section 9 is still doing computer repair services and has a GoFundMe page to help them get through this troubling time.