JAMESTOWN — The Jamestown Regional Medical Center is among the first in North Dakota to resume elective surgeries. Mike Delfs, the medical center's CEO and president, said they have enough Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to perform elective surgeries safely.

Several new safety measures, like screening every single person who comes into the front door and recycling air in a room six times after each patient, have been implemented. These measures will cause surgeries to take more time, but staff at Jamestown's regional medical center are certain they can still meet the needs of the nine counties they serve.

"People continue to need surgeries, so that hasn't gone away," Delfs said. "It's just that we had suspended that to do those safely when we resume."

The medical center is still only allowing one visitor per patient. Delfs said they have made exceptions for births and end-of-life procedures.

Since the coronavirus pandemic started, no employees at Jamestonw Regional Medical Center were laid off.