IMPACT MAGAZINE: Advancing medicine for future generations

Lillestol Research is located at 4450 31st Avenue South in Fargo. David Samson / The Forum

Over 15 years ago, a team of two — registered nurse, Mary Lillestol, and her healthcare provider husband, Michael Lillestol — launched a vision to discover treatment options and preventative measures for chronic and hereditary diseases.

Now with a team of over 20, Lillestol Research is using its healthcare knowledge and experience to help advance research for medications to treat and prevent a variety of medical concerns.

“Our mission is the unparalleled commitment to the advancement of medicine, research excellence and compassionate care,” Director of Marketing Andrea Lillestol said. “We are excited to be at the forefront of getting new medications to market that are potentially better, more effective, more affordable or simply easier to administer than what is currently available.”

There are four phases of trials required by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA), however, Lillestol mostly conducts phase II and III trials — known as “intent to treat” trials. Participation creates data that “helps ensure the medication is both safe and effective in treating a diagnosis,” Lillestol explained.

With more clinical trials available every day, Lillestol Research is continuing to advance the future of medicine and while some people may be hesitant to participate, they are encouraged to consider how their participation can advance medicine and providing hope and healing to others.


“Be open to being a part of something that can truly change medicine for future generations,” Lillestol encourages. “We are thankful for those participants that take the time and initiative to do a trial with us.”

Having expanded several times already, the team was in need of a larger space to conduct the over 40 daily research trials. Relocating to the new MedPark Medical Center at the corner of 32nd Avenue and 45th Street in south Fargo gave the company an opportunity for more space for exam rooms and offices as well as a closer proximity to other healthcare providers.

Interested in helping to advance medicine for future generations? Call 701-232-7705 or visit to find out more about current trials available at Lillestol Research.

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