Is it time to buy an electric vehicle? Here's what some Fargo area owners had to say

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With gas prices skyrocketing, you might think about getting an electric vehicle as a way to save money. But is it the right purchase for you? InForum digital producer Kris Kerzman talked with several EV owners about it for a recent story, and he joins host Thomas Evanella to talk about it.

We talked to several electric vehicle drivers in the Fargo metro and asked them what they would recommend to someone considering an electric vehicle right now.

Thomas Evanella is a reporter for The Forum. He's worked for The Forum for over three years, primarily reporting on business news. He's also the host of the InForum Business Beat podcast, which can be streamed at or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Reach him at or by calling 701-241-5518. Follow him on Twitter @ThomasEvanella.
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