It's My Job: Country Greenery prepped for Valentine's Day

Business profile What: Country Greenery Locations: 17 S. 5th St., Moorhead, (218) 236-0000; 2901 13th Ave. S., Fargo, (701) 239-0000 Website: MOORHEAD - Consider this your wake-up call, gentlemen.

Alma and Wendy Cater
Alma, left, and Wendy Cater at the Moorhead Country Greenery. Alma is owner and president, and Wendy is vice president and buyer. David Samson / The Forum

Business profile

  • What: Country Greenery
  • Locations: 17 S. 5th St., Moorhead, (218) 236-0000; 2901 13th Ave. S., Fargo, (701) 239-0000
  • Website:

MOORHEAD - Consider this your wake-up call, gentlemen. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and time is running out for you to order flowers.
Alma Cater, owner and president, and her daughter Wendy Cater, vice president and buyer, recently talked about their jobs at Country Greenery and what they do to make sure area Fargo-Moorhead residents will be happy this Valentine's Day.

How did you get into the business?

Alma: I started the business in 1975 from my home.

Wendy: And I was her first unofficial employee as a 9-year-old and would help out whenever I could.


How long have you been preparing for Valentine's Day?

Alma: The flowers were all ordered about Christmas time.

Wendy: The flowers started to arrive last week, and we start preparing as they do. They need to be acclimated. There is a process, a chain of care, that we put them through to make sure the flowers are ready to be worked with and are in great condition, and then we start making bouquets. ... We start working with arrangements that have the longest-lasting flowers in them.

How do you plan what to have made in advance?

Wendy: We try to design specials in every price point that our customers are looking for. Within those price points, we try to cover the favorites - stargazer lilies, roses, gerber daisies, tulips - so when someone calls, we're hoping that because of our experience we're already offering what most people are looking for. ... Also, it allows us to put all our specials on the Web so people can shop via the Internet, which is a really important component to today's business.

What is the favorite flower for Valentine's Day?

Wendy: By far the rose is most popular. ... Valentine's Day is reflecting love, so the rose is that flower.

Do many women order flowers for their spouses?


Wendy: Absolutely. The reality is that Valentine's is more men, but women absolutely order flowers for Valentine's Day.

Do you have a special designed just for men?

Alma: We're going to know right away when we talk to you if you're sending flowers to a man or woman and we'll adjust accordingly. ... The designers are very creative. They can make something appropriate for a man. They're very in tune to that so you don't get something in pinks and whites sent out to a man.

Alma: I think sometimes people forget that there are many men who are active gardeners, who work in their yard planting flowers and love flowers.

Wendy: And love nature. Most hunters, fishermen, even golfers, they have a real connection to nature. ... We make the bouquets to reflect that. We just reflect nature as how men perceive it and enjoy it.

Do you ever feel like it's the delivery drivers who get the payoff or reward for your work?

Alma: Everyone is smiling when they deliver. In fact, some of our drivers and other people who work in the store come back every year. They take a couple of days of vacation from their regular jobs and they come back and work here because they think it's so much fun.

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