Looking to buy a house in Fargo-Moorhead? Here's a breakdown of neighborhoods and what they're all about

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Shopping for a new home? Here's a guide to four neighborhoods in Fargo-Moorhead and West Fargo. / Special to The Forum

FARGO — The growing metro area includes a variety of neighborhoods with different attractions, school districts, and price ranges. While a range of regional and national factors all affect a home's value, prospective homebuyers can gather information about the neighborhood's current market to narrow their search.

In fact, Chelsea Adams, Realtor at Beyond Realty in Fargo highlighted that even during the pandemic, the rate of home buying has increased by 9.2%.

"For those interested in making a move, I think it’s very beneficial to first do your research on potential neighborhoods and identify the advantages and disadvantages of each," she said. "Visit the neighborhoods and walk through them, get a feel for what it would be like to live there."

Adams suggests taking note of the amenities that would benefit your lifestyle, parks, school district, size of homes, etc. Tasha Barrett, realtor at Park Co. Realty in Fargo, encourages people to drive through neighborhoods as a way to eliminate or add locations to your list.

" The quickest way to eliminate neighborhoods is to take a drive in the area. We commonly ask our clients to take a look at various times of the day and on weekends to see if they’re comfortable with the traffic and the flow of a neighborhood," Barrett said. "It also doesn’t hurt to time the work commute at the start and end of the day."


If walking a neighborhood is impossible due to distance or self-quarantining measures, Barrett reminds those looking for new homes and neighborhoods the limitations of photography.

"Work with your Realtor, even if you don’t visit the home in person, as they can do it for you. While she/he is there your Realtor can take a video to send to you in real-time or that you can view later. The videos should give you a better idea of the layout and flow of the home as well as potential problem areas, major utilities, exterior details," Barret said. "Things that often aren’t available just by looking at listing photographs online."

When people can't evaluate neighborhoods in person, area realtors encourage the use of online services. Some realty companies' websites have information on their website for those looking to relocate.

To help locals start, here is a quick snapshot of neighborhoods in Fargo, Moorhead, and West Fargo:

Centennial, Fargo

Overview: A vibrant neighborhood that continues to grow, Centennial, in Fargo’s southwest, just east of Interstate-29, has a range of homes and lots to offer, from quaint townhomes to $1 million estates.



Parks and attractions: There is plenty of green space in the Centennial Neighborhood. Naturally, Centennial Park at the elementary school has a playground as well as baseball/softball diamonds, a basketball court, soccer field as well as a multipurpose field and come winter, an outdoor skating and hockey rink, with a warming house. Individual developments have their own park and personality. The shelter at Oak Creek Park makes it a great place for a picnic. Fox Run Park includes a playground and another soccer field, while Meadow Creek Park is a large, open field, perfect for playing frisbee, football or running with your dog. The playground at the developing Timber Creek Circle is the last landscaped addition. While they’re not parks, the Fox Run Conservancy and Rose Coulee roll down the middle of the neighborhood, providing a clean biking trail while the shorter Timberline Recreational Trail provides a place for walkers. And for the eager golfer, Rose Creek Golf Course is just a putt away across 25th Street.

Sara Heller hands her daughter Eva, 14, an assembled s’more during a Fargo Park District S’mores & More event Monday, Feb. 10, in Centennial Park, 4101 25th St. S. The park district will also host the Youth Ice Fishing Derby at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 22, in Woodhaven South Park, 4801 Woodhaven Drive S. Michael Vosburg / Forum Photo Editor

Business to residential area mix:

Once entirely single-family homes, since 2015 Timber Creek Apartments, in the southwest quarter of the neighborhood has offered upscale rentals, complete with a playground and a sand volleyball court. That’s not the only change to what was almost entirely residential. The Timber Creek outlet mall on the south end of the neighborhood, along 52nd Avenue, includes a Cash Wise Foods grocery store and liquor store on the mall site. There are also some strip malls and standalone businesses to the east along 52nd Avenue South.

Age of the neighborhood: The Centennial area became part of the city from 1989 to 1995 and most homes are about 20 years old. The neighborhood’s northwest corner is bordered by Prairie Rose, an independent city of about 20 homes within the Fargo city limits that was founded in 1975 and incorporated ’78.

Types of homes: With a number of different developments in this neighborhood, there are also a variety of styles. Meadow Creek features some stately homes with wonderful, mature trees, while Copperfield Court is known for it’s elegant brick homes. Next door, the Stonehurst townhomes create a tidy community of its own. On the other side of the neighborhood, the new Aspens at Timber Creek offer luxury townhomes. Timberline Drive features some of the community’s showplace houses, making it a popular drive to look at holiday decorations.

Nearby amenities: The neighboring Don’s Car Wash on 25th Street and 52nd Avenue South double as a family-friendly travel center, with convenience store services. Fuel for your spiritual side is at hand as well, with Sts. Anne and Joachim Catholic Church, kitty-corner to the southeast and Recovery Worship, Hope Lutheran Church, Gethsemane Cathedral, Community Baptist Church and First Assembly Church are all within a mile north on 25th Street.


Property values and tax: Homes range from $100,000 for vacant lots to build a brand new structure, or $250,000 for a previously owned 3 bedroom house to over $1.8 million for a six-bedroom, 10 bathroom, 18,000 square foot house.

For more information on property values, visit

Osgood, Fargo

Osgood-2 (Home built in RockingHorseFarm).jpg
This home at 4790 Tallgrass Cove South in Fargo was featured on the Spring Parade of Homes in 2017. Forum File Photo

Overview: Osgood is a developing, family-focused area built by a collective, lifestyle-first vision in a mixed-use landscape. The affluent south Fargo neighborhood is filled with parks, and easily accessible amenities including the Shoppes at Osgood , Family Wellness Fargo and several signature restaurants like the Bulldog Tap or Lucy’s North China Cuisine . Located just 3 miles from West Fargo on the East side of the Sheyenne River, Osgood attracts both professionals and families to make their home within its limits.


Parks and attractions: Perhaps the most notable golf course in Fargo, the Osgood Golf Course is a par 33, 9-hole course that allows all skill levels to play. Said to be the learning center for any golf player , the Osgood course features challenging rolling hills with five different tee-box options. The course's clubhouse - 9 Iron Bar and Grill - attracts not only avid golfers but all who desire to eat a delicious meal overlooking an expansive green space. Complete with a Kid's Zone, parents can relax over a craft beer or a bottle of wine while their children entertain themselves in a safe, and stimulating environment.

Area residents bring both their beloved pets and kids to Osgood Park (Bridge Park) . Even the most rambunctious entertained by the park’s large playground, multipurpose field and basketball court. Osgood Park’s small shelter doubles as a meeting and picnic area.


Business to residential area mix: Osgood is composed of mid to upscale apartments, affordable twin homes, and large new housing developments. Mixed-use business districts like the Shoppes at Osgood make it easy to buy necessities close to home without the neighborhood turning into a major retail area. The Hornbacher’s in Osgood (within the Shoppes at Osgood retail center) features an extensive health market and Caribou Coffee shop. The Shoppes at Osgood also include a nail salon, a men’s barbershop, both fast food and signature restaurants.

Age of the neighborhood: One of Fargo’s newest neighborhoods, development started in 2004 to turn this tract of vacant land into businesses, multi-family homes, and lots for aspiring homeowners to build their dream.

Minutes away from the metro’s major interstates ( Interstate-29 , Interstate 94 ), people flocked to this South Fargo neighborhood drawn by new businesses and the variety of housing options including multi-family townhomes, apartments and readily-available lots with eager homebuilders. Osgood is a mix of families, new homeowners, and established professionals, the residents’ average age of 41 according to the U.S. Census 2010 .

Types of homes: Most of the homes are less than 20 years old. They feature such modern aspects like large windows, driveways, muted siding colors mixed with red or gray brick near the front door and around the edges of the home’s garage. Currently, more than 50% of Osgood residents own their homes, and this trend is likely to continue as new construction sites sprout on vacant lots.

One unique development – Rocking Horse Farms – showcases a variety of stylized homes throughout its 160-acre community. Homeowners and homebuilders who choose this area believe this subdivision is different as it focuses on creating a close-knit neighborhood, with the convenience of an urban environment, while maintaining the peacefulness of any rural area.

Nearby amenities: Approximately 2 miles south of the Osgood Hornbacher’s, the Walmart Super Center on 52nd Avenue offers additional options for groceries and everyday necessities. Happy Harry’s Bottle Shop is a regional liquor store chain infamous for its annual sales.

Family Wellness, a nonprofit partnership between Sanford Health and the YMCA, promotes healthy lifestyles through nutrition coaching, personal trainers and Inspire Wellness Initiatives . Located off Veteran Boulevard, Family Wellness offers children swimming lessons and adult group fitness classes.

Property values and tax: Lots range in price from $85,000 to $116,000. Home prices range from a small starter home around $188,000 to large, designer homes costing up to $1 million. For more information on Fargo property values, visit fargo .


Reserve at Osgood, West Fargo

Overview: Bordered to the west by the Sheyenne River and to the east by the Sheyenne High School, this small but fashionable neighborhood offers a variety of lot sizes and convenient access to area businesses and attractions for busy families. Despite being close to the hustle and bustle of several grocery stores and restaurants, this contemporary community preserves the natural beauty and tranquility of its river border for a quiet, family-friendly place to call home.


Parks and attractions: Located just to the north of the Osgood Golf Course , this neighborhood offers a quiet atmosphere with sizable, sunny lots just off of the main thoroughfare. While some lots offer river views, all of them are close to natural wildlife areas and connected to the extensive West Fargo bike trails . Additionally, just a short bike ride north is the popular Shadow Wood Park Splash Pad featuring summer fun for all ages along with a large playground, basketball court and trails for walking or biking.

Business to residential Mix: A mostly residential neighborhood, this community has easy access to many local businesses on both 40th Avenue South and Veteran’s Boulevard.

Age of the neighborhood: West Fargo’s Reserve at Osgood neighborhood is relatively new with most of the growth and home construction within the last decade. West Fargo was the only metro city to report increased permit values in 2019, according to the Home Builders Association of Fargo Moorhead.

The Lights on Sheyenne is seen under construction behind a future parking ramp in August of 2019 at Sheyenne and 32nd Avenue South in West Fargo. Permit values in West Fargo rose from $172,964,953 in 2018 to $189,106,154 in 2019. Forum file photo


Types of homes: Comprised of mostly new, single-family homes, this neighborhood features modern home styles with yards devoted to family fun and landscaping designed for entertaining. Prized by families due to its convenient location adjacent and close to several of the local schools, this clean and upscale neighborhood provides a close-knit community with easy access to local businesses.

West Fargo couple and home photo 2019
Benjamin Kieffer and Amanda Sayre stand for a portrait Wednesday, July 10, 2019 outside their home in West Fargo. Forum File Photo

Nearby amenities: Ideally situated, you can play a round of golf at the neighboring Osgood Golf Course, followed by dinner and drinks at the nearby clubhouse 9 Iron Bar & Grill or grab pizza just down the street at Papa Murphy’s . Located just south of a shopping area, the neighborhood is just 2 miles away from Cash Wise Foods and Bottle Barn Liquors in addition to popular restaurants such as Spicy Pie , Blvd Pub and Brewtus Brickhouse . For those with an active lifestyle, the Family Wellness Center and Scheels Arena are also nearby.

Brewtus Brickhouse West Fargo Interior
Interior space of the new Brutus' Brickhouse located in the Oak Ridge retail development along 32nd Ave. S. in West Fargo. Forum File Photo

Property values and tax: Containing a variety of lot sizes, home prices for the Reserve at Osgood are geared for the upwardly-mobile family, to more upscale options and a few open slots left for those who wish to build. As of March 2020, lists a large 3-bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bathrooms at $445,000.

Find out more about West Fargo property prices, tax, and specials on your future home.

West Fargo neighborhood map:

Allyson Parkway, Moorhead

Overview: Allyson Parkway, including the Kingsford neighborhood, is a contemporary, elegant and expansive addition on Moorhead’s southwest side, 1 ½ miles from the Red River of the North. Located about 3 miles south of both Concordia College and Minnesota State University Moorhead, it features mid-level to upscale homes on manicured and sun-filled lawns.


Parks and attractions: Allyson Parkway and Kingsford are surrounded by several parks featuring safe, modern (and fun!) playground equipment, soccer nets and green space. They include: Allyson Park , known as “fish playground” to residents because of a playset which resembles a large fish. Other nearby parks include: Angela’s Park, Hampton Park, Tessa Park and River Oaks Park, which offers fishing access to the nearby Red River. Bike trails meander around the neighborhood allowing riders to reach schools, work or shopping areas or to simply enjoy the beauty of the quiet neighborhoods or the vegetation along the river.

Business to residential area mix: The neighborhood is predominantly made up of single family homes. The nearby Azool Retail Center is approximately 1 mile from the heart of Allyson Parkway. It features the second largest Hornbacher’s (a prominent grocery store chain) location in Fargo-Moorhead, the popular Brickhouse Tavern, Spicy Pie pizza, Bridgeview Liquors as well as a fitness center and barber shop.

Hornbacher's representatives, Moorhead city leaders and Chamber of Commerce members. Forum file photo
Hornbacher's representatives, Moorhead city leaders and Chamber of Commerce members cut the ribbon to signify the grand opening of the company's newest grocery store in south Moorhead June 17, 2015. Coborn's announced Friday, Nov. 30, it had signed a purchase agreement with Supervalu to acquire the metro area's Hornbacher's stores. Forum file photo

Age of the neighborhood: Allyson Parkway was constructed in the early 2000s as interest rates were low and the value of Moorhead’s residential housing grew by double digits. The area attracted young families as new schools and home construction was underway in 20 different neighborhoods in 2003 alone (including Allyson).

Types of homes: While Allyson Parkway and Kingsford features homes built after the turn of the 21st century, many maintain a classic look including white siding, large windows and red brick. The area features classic lighting and spacious lots. Empty nesters occupy some of the area’s new twin homes, which feature modern amenities on one level, with less upkeep.

Nearby amenities: The neighborhood is a little more than 1 mile from SG Reinertsen Elementary School, 6 miles from Horizon Middle School and about 4 miles from Moorhead High School. Moorhead Public Schools provide busing to and from Allyson Parkway. The area is home to a handful of parks featuring bike paths, playsets, soccer nets and river access. Grocery shopping at Hornbacher’s, built-in 2016, is near SG Reinertsen Elementary School. Dining is close by at Brickhouse Tavern and Spicy Pie (about 1 mile away) along with choices like SpeakEasy (Italian) Restaurant, Subway, Dairy Queen, Panchero’s, Dave’s Southside Tap and more less than 2 miles to the north. Allyson Parkway and Kingsford are also walking distance from Bluestem Center for the Arts, a 3,000 seat amphitheater, featuring top concert acts and musical theatre productions. The grounds of the Center include beautiful river views, grassy meadows, woods and wildlife.

Property values and tax:

  • Lots range in price from $74,000 to $105,000.
  • Home prices range from approximately $250,000 to $800,000.
  • For more information on property values, visit .
  • For information about taxes, visit .

"I think it is important to educate yourself on the variety of neighborhoods in Fargo-Moorhead. Make a list of the amenities that you wish for and consult your realtor to set up a search of available listings that match your criteria," Adams said. "There are so many wonderful neighborhoods in our community, make sure you do your research and utilize the expertise of your realtor."
Whichever neighborhood prospective home-buyers choose to search first, they can attend annual fall events like the Fargo-Moorhead Parade of Homes which continues this weekend Sept. 26 to 27 starting at noon.

If you're like many people during the COVID-19 pandemic which chooses to do their neighborhood and home search virtually, here's a list to help you to start.

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