Moorhead council approves land sales in MCCARA Industrial Park

The Moorhead City Council approved three land sales along Interstate 94 in the MCCARA Industrial Park on Tuesday, Nov. 12. Lots 1 and 2, pictured here in blue, are being purchased by PROffutt Limited Partnership. (City of Moorhead map)

MOORHEAD - The Moorhead City Council unanimously voted to approve three land sales in the MCCARA Industrial Park, with the buyers agreeing to pay more than $740,000 for the properties, plus take on more than $217,000 in special assessments.

The deals for the highly visible lots along Interstate 94 were approved at the council’s Tuesday, Nov. 12, meeting.

The purchasers are ISR Homes, PROffutt Limited Partnership and The Pifer Group.

PROffutt is buying two parcels at 4110 and 4118 29th Ave. S. PROffutt will pay $396,798.48 for the land and assume special assessment obligations of $111,917.52.

PROffutt already owns land in the area for its RDO Equipment operations. The two parcels it seeks abut that land on the northeast corner.


The short-term plan for the two lots are to use them for displaying agricultural equipment for sale. The company plans to expand RDO Equipment operations and build a lawn and garden center, council documents said.


ISR, a local homebuilder, will buy the land at 4218 29th Ave. S. for $177,381.36, plus it will assume special assessments of $50,030.64, council documents said.
ISR said it intends to build a 12,000-square-foot building. About 4,000-square-feet will be used for a showroom and office area, with another 8,000 square feet dedicated to warehouse and storage. There will also be a concrete parking area and landscaping. Construction is anticipated to start in spring 2020, the documents said.

ISR said it would retain three full-time and two part-time employees and may increase its payroll with the expansion of its facilities, the documents said.

Pifer Group is buying 4216 29th Ave. S. for $167,286, and will take on $55,204.38 in special assessments, the documents said.

Pifer Group will build its corporate headquarters at that site, along with a multi-use auction facility. Construction will start in the spring or summer of 2020, the council documents said.

Derrick LaPoint of Downtown Moorhead Inc., which represents the city in economic development efforts, said there had been plenty of interest in the lots.

“It’s a really great time for Moorhead,” LaPoint said, adding that all of the purchases are being made by “Moorhead-grown” businesses.


“We are on the brink of some great things,” LaPoint said.

LaPoint said that the industrial park has 197 acres of certified shovel-ready land available.

In a related matter, the council unanimously voted to raise the asking price per foot on some of the land in the industrial park.

I-94 frontage lots will now be offered at $3 per square foot, up 50 cents per square foot. Special assessments costs are 66 cents per square foot for those lots.

Large lots will now be offered for $2 per square foot, up 75 cents per square foot. Special assessment costs are $1.08 per square foot for those lots.

The price of rail lots remains at $3 per square foot. Those special assessments are 95 cents per square foot.

The last time the land prices were updated was in 2016, LaPoint said. Special assessments costs remained flat.


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