Mortgage rates are high and home improvements are looking harder to fix

Gate City Bank is making a call to help.

Gate City Bank in Fargo
Anne Sara Bien-Aime / WDAYNews

FARGO — A program at Gate City Bank could help you with this year's home improvements.

The mortgage lender in North Dakota has contributed $15 million and added more communities to support their 2023 Home Improvement Program.

Since 2003, Gate City has been supporting this initiative for local communities across North Dakota and Central Minnesota.

According to Bankrate, the current mortgage interest rates in North Dakota and Minnesota range from 6.14% to 7.04%.

Gate City Bank Personal Loan Vice President Jeanna Marshall said, "getting that lower interest rate in that 3% range is really economically going to help on that monthly payment for that borrower as well."


Qualifying projects can include patio additions, new garages, furnace replacements and accessibility adjustments.

On a first -come, first-serve bases, each application is subject to credit qualification and a home evaluation.

Loan amounts can range from $10,000 to $100,000

"We've seen how well this has worked for the communities in the past.....we wanted to really expand that into the other communities that we do serve," Marshall said.

To see if you qualify, call Gate City Bank. Applications will be accepted through Oct. 31.

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