Chapter 7 is a petition to liquidate assets and discharge debts.

Chapter 11 is a petition for protection from creditors and to reorganize.

Chapter 12 is a petition for family farmers to reorganize.

Chapter 13 is a petition for wage earners to readjust debts.

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Filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court

North Dakota

Elaine M. Jochim, Wishek, Chapter 7.

Jeffrey S. Linnertz, formerly doing business as Superior Performance Construction, and Chastity L. Linnertz, formerly known as Chastity Milbrett, Horace, Chapter 7.

Scott Wesley and Amanda Ellen Reeb, Minot Air Force Base, Chapter 7.

Tara L. Johnson, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Theodore and Jody Schanhals, Harvey, Chapter 7.

Ryan P. Wintermeyer, Bismarck, Chapter 7.

Rafael F. F. Rosales, Colfax, Chapter 7.

Steven Georgiou and Nara LeQuire, Grand Forks, Chapter 7.

Glen and Dawn Bergquist, formerly known as Dawn Noble, Grand Forks, Chapter 7.

Nadine Renae Raddatz, also known as Nadine Ferris and Nadine Adekuule, Grafton, Chapter 7.

Maria S. Delzer, Richardton, Chapter 7.

J&J Oilfield Services, formerly doing business as Ottesen Sand and Gravel, West Fargo, Chapter 11.

Robert J. Totleben, Fargo, Chapter 7.

Avdo and Mejra Elezovic, Fargo, Chapter 13.

Myron David and Shidell Denise Sorlien, also known as Shidell Higgins, Carrington, Chapter 7.