New service fetches food for F-M pets

With the temperature clawing its way to minus 20 degrees Wednesday, John and Sandy Sutter were happy to see dog food delivered to their Oakport Township home.


With the temperature clawing its way to minus 20 degrees Wednesday, John and Sandy Sutter were happy to see dog food delivered to their Oakport Township home.

Even more excited to see Susan Morris park her Paul's Pet Food Delivery Express truck in the driveway were Cato and Concho, the Sutters' German shepherds.

As Morris brought in two 40-pound bags of dog food and treats for Cato and Concho, Sandy Sutter grinned.

"They go through a lot of dog food. This way it gets carried all the way into the house for me and it's good dog food," she said.

The delivery service, she said, is "really so much better, particularly when the weather's bad. You don't have to go out."


Morris, and her husband, Tim, run the pet food delivery business from their north Fargo home.

Hopping into her white Chevy pickup Tuesday through Friday, Susan Morris delivers to nearly 50 customers in the metro area and Horace, N.D. There is no charge for delivery.

"The people are so nice. It's really fun working with them," Morris said. "We're having just great results."

The Morris's moved to Fargo three years ago from Minneapolis. They started the business in October.

The business is part of a group of distributorships started by Paul and Diana Cavanaugh of Placentia, Calif. The Cavanaughs started Paul's Pet Food Delivery Express in 1995. The company also makes Nature's Select brand dog and cat foods.

The cost averages about $1 a pound. Smaller 20- and 25-pound bags will top that; larger 40- and 50-pound bags cost about 80 cents a pound, Morris said. Canned food and doggie treats are also available. Large orders get volume discounts.

The dog and cat foods are premium quality, made with real chicken and lamb and no corn fillers, Morris said. They are made for pets of a variety of ages and activity levels.

For Terri Court, having food delivered for her north Fargo family's 9-year-old terrier, Molly, saves time, gasoline and her back.


"I have two small boys. You don't want to rush out to get a 40-pound bag of dog food," Court said.

"At some pet food stores they will load it for you, but you get home and you still have to manhandle this 40-pound bag of food," she said. "I have dairy delivered, softener salt. These days you might as well take advantage of all these delivery services."

Court said the cost of Nature's Select compares well with pet food at stores and is delivered the next day, whether she orders online or by telephone.

When Morris delivers, she asks "where would you like it and she puts it right where you need it. ... That's good for old people or people with bad backs," Court said.

The company's Web site is .

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