North Dakota state troopers warn truckers of heavy load restrictions in heat

Truckers who don't follow the restriction could get a citation and pay up to a $100 fine.

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FARGO — With temperatures expected to reach the 90s the week of Monday, July 12, North Dakota state troopers are reminding truckers who have overweight permits to be mindful of the roads they're traveling on.

According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol's policy on oversized vehicles and loads , drivers that have an overweight permit must only drive on roads made of concrete, not asphalt, if the temperature is 90 degrees or above.

Lt. David Wolf with the NDHP said asphalt gets more brittle as temperatures rise, so it's extra important for truckers carrying things like construction equipment and wind blades to stay off.

"Once you build a road, you don't want to come back the next year and start repairing it," he said. "You want to have that road in place for several years, and that's just one piece of the puzzle to keep that road protected."

While it may take drivers on different routes, troopers will make sure those with permits get where they need to go safely, Wolf said.


"Our permit system will read the route that the person wants to travel, and it will give them the best route they'll take," he said.

Any truck driver who doesn't follow the heat restriction could get their permit taken away, get a citation and pay up to a $100 fine.

Tanner Robinson is a producer for First News on WDAY-TV.
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