FARGO - Fans of downtown bastion King House Buffet are running a social media drive for a “Save King House Supper” to encourage the owners of the eatery to stay open until their business bounces back.

Cassidy “C.J.” Schnase and his wife Patricia have posted on Facebook that they are hosting a “Save King House Supper” from 6 to 8 p.m. Monday, June 24, at the Chinese restaurant, 122 N. Broadway.

Schnase, the owner of downtown’s Replay Games, said he’s been going to King House for nearly 30 years.

“We’re just inviting the community to come and support the King House,” Schnase said Wednesday, June 19.

King House co-owner Bojin Chen recently told the Forum that reports about caged pigeons found in the basement of the restaurant several weeks ago led to a steep decline in business.

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In a follow-up interview, Chen and his wife, Cindy, said Wednesday, June 19, that unless things turn around in the next couple months, they may have to consider closing the restaurant.

Schnase said people may have initially worried about the pigeons, but he says Chen apologized, cooperated with health authorities, and the restaurant has since received a clean bill of health from Fargo Cass Public Health inspectors.

“We would hate to see them go. We want to invite the community to show support in this restaurant that’s been around for a long time and use their dollars to do that,” Schnase said.

So far, 70 people have said they’d attend Monday’s gathering, and more than 100 are interested, Schnase said.

“The overwhelming response is that people want to show love and support for King House,” Schnase said.

The Chens are gratified by the support they have seen online and from customers.

“A lot of people come here trying to support us,” Cindy Chen said. “I really appreciate it. This community helps us a lot.”

Cindy Chen said they hope that business bounces back.

“If things improve, for sure, we stay open,” she said. “We’re a small business. We need to keep things running for our family.”