Winner: Best Coffee 2017

Winner: Beans Coffee Bar


Location: 5675 26th Ave. S., Ste. 100, Fargo and 2550 S. University Dr., Fargo


What's your reaction to winning?

"This win speaks a lot to our customers and how they have taken pride in what we do, because we wouldn't be here without them. We appreciate our customers, and we hope this win means we're doing something right," manager Brittany Boeddeker said.


Is it all about the coffee, or is there another reason people love your business?

"I think we do have great coffee, but moreso it's the environment and how we want people and their friends and family to come hang out," she said. "We want Beans to be the place where people want to be."


What's your favorite menu pairing with coffee?

"Our miniature donuts are obviously a big seller, but we recently added edible cookie dough to our menu list, and it has been a huge hit with kids and parents alike. It's a great new menu item," she said.


Second Place: Caribou Coffee

Third Place: Twenty Below Coffee Co.