Winner: Best Ribs 2017

Winner: Spitfire Bar & Grill


Location: 1660 13th Ave. E., West Fargo


What sets your ribs apart from your competitors?

"It is our consistency in how we prepare the ribs. Our rubs we use on the ribs - all of our products - are purchased locally. We use good recipes and we have a good smoking process to make the ribs that we've been doing for quite awhile now," said general manager Gordy Ferkul. "We've won awards both locally and nationally for our ribs."


What's the best way to eat ribs - clean and neat or sauced-up and messy?

"Each person eats ribs differently. You can get Memphis style ribs where the sauce is on the side. You can try the Raspberry Ribs that have a savory raspberry glaze on them or you can try the Kansas City BBQ ribs," Ferkul said. "You can order a Rib Trio for a starter, that way you can sample each kind of rib."


What's another menu option you recommend?

"Our rotisserie chicken is one of biggest sellers and is very popular. Our number one combo is ribs and chicken. We get our ribeyes locally and they are phenomenal," Ferkul said.


Second Place: Famous Dave's

Third Place: Deaner's Diner