Winner: Best Dessert 2017

Winner: Nichole's Fine Pastry


Location: 13 8th St. S., Fargo


What's the best thing about your customers?

"Their loyalty and appreciation for all that we do here," said chef and owner of Nichole's Fine Pastry Nichole Hensen. "We are so grateful to have such a wide variety of dedicated customers from all walks of life."


What sets you apart from your competitors?

Hensen said, "We use ingredients that are real, simple and local. We make traditional European and American desserts, from scratch, while adding new and interesting creations to keep our customers coming back for more."


What's your favorite dessert on the menu?

"Lemon Meringue Pie," Hensen said. "For me there's nothing better knowing I'm enjoying a perfectly executed treat comprised of all the local ingredients that are dear to my heart. From the flour in the flakey pie crust, to the local organic eggs used not only in the filling, but also in the fluffy golden meringue. The combination of tart lemon and sweet meringue does it for me."


Second Place: Gigi's Cupcakes

Third Place: Deaner's Diner