Winner: Best Chinese Restaurant 2017

Winner: Lucy's North China Cuisine


Location: 3003 32nd Ave. S., Fargo and 4323 45th St. S. #105, Fargo


Every year, Lucy's North China Cuisine continues to lead the way in both take-out and dine-in restaurant experience. It's two locations in South Fargo have a cozy atmosphere, featuring a large menu with both traditional and Americanized dishes.


What makes Lucy's North China Cuisine different than other local Chinese restaurants?

"We have fresh food, with no MSGs and no sugar," said owner Lucy Penney. "None of our food sits overnight, so it's always made to order."


As a three-year winner, why do people love Lucy's North China Cuisine so much?

"People can taste the fresh vegetables and low salt," Penney said. "They love this restaurant because the food is healthy, they can taste the difference."


What's the most popular menu item?

"People love the combos. But if people go to visit China and come back then they love our traditional food like Char Siu pork and spicy beef dishes," Penny said. "They also love our dumplings and traditional fried rice."


Do you plans for a third location?

"We do not have plans for third location right now," Penny said. "At this time, we are just staying busy."


Second Place: King House Buffet

Third Place: Snap Dragon