Winner: Best Breakfast Place 2017

Winner: The Shack on Broadway


Location: 3215 Broadway N., Fargo


What makes The Shack on Broadway different from other breakfast places in town?

"We are a neighborhood restaurant so many regulars come and see us daily and we get to know them on a first-name basis," said owner Tanya Bale. "Our customers see how family-oriented we are, and because I'm not a corporate restaurant, I can accommodate for my staff's needs because it's not always about the almighty dollar."


As three-year winner, why do you think people love The Shack so much?

"It's what I called the trifecta effect, we have great service, great food, and a warm, comforting atmosphere," Bale said. "It's all about family dining. I don't have TVs or wifi, so it's getting back to basics of eating and dining."


What's the key ingredient in any delicious breakfast?

"I think it's eggs done the way the customer wants it done. I believe my cooks really know how to do eggs and we always train new cooks well," Bale said. "For us, that is important along with having hot food fast."


Second Place: Deaner's Diner

Third Place: Village Inn