Winner: Best West Fargo Restaurant 2017

Winner: Spitfire Bar & Grill


Location: 1660 13th Ave. E., West Fargo


What's something people should try more?

"Our seafood, our walleye dinners are phenomenal. We are known as steak and rib place but I would put our salmon and walleye up against everybody's," said Gordy Ferkul, Spitfire general manager. "Our great seafood is kind of a secret."


What's the best thing about your customers?

"Our customers are loyal, we have a great customer base and when you get here, nobody is in a hurry because they feel like they are at home. We are locally owned and do a lot with our community," Ferkul said.


What's the most popular app & drink?

"Our walleye fingers are our number one appetizer," Ferkul said. "Our house wines are very popular, both the red and white Mirassou wines from California."


What's the best thing about being in West Fargo?

"The city was behind us from the beginning. From the mayor, to the city commission, fire and police departments, the whole West Fargo and Fargo community has been behind us," Ferkul explains.


Second Place: Deaner's Diner

Third Place: The Blarney Stone Pub