Winner: Best Food Truck 2017

Winner: Taco Bros


Location: Truck location varies, but you'll most likely find them behind the Empire Tavern on Roberts Street in downtown Fargo.


What makes the food truck business great?

"I would say it's the eclectic crowd," said owner Octavio Gomez. "You have your lunch crowd, which is your Sanford crowd and downtown regulars - then you have late nights which can range from college-aged students to wrestling match fans that came in from cities. One night you could even be feeding 'zombies' during a pub crawl."


What sets you apart from your competitors?

"We are there consistently," he said. "We open up at a certain time and date and then we strictly follow our hours regardless of the temperature or weather. We are there for our customers until the last day of the season."


What's the best thing about your customers?

"The best thing is their fanaticism and loyalty," he said. "The die-hards are always the ones who wait out in there in line or come even when it's raining."


What's your menu favorite?

"The 'Trust Your Bro' is my favorite thing." Gomez said. "It's where I get to make you whatever I want."


Second Place: Sweeto Burrito Fargo

Third Place: Potato Brothers