Winner: Best Bar 2017

Winner: The Bulldog Tap


Location: 4265 45th St. S. Ste. 161, Fargo


What would you say people want or expect from their local bar?

"A familiar, friendly face, be that from their co-regulars or server/bartender," said general manager Jonathon Eiynck.


What sets The Bulldog apart from other local bars?

"I would say fast, friendly service, as well as very loyal clientele," said Eiynck.


What advantages are there being located outside of downtown?

"One of our main advantages is being located in a highly-residential area versus a highly-industrial area," explains Eiynck. "We have the benefit of many, many houses close by-a lot of twin homes, townhomes, apartments. Walking distance isn't such a disadvantage as a DUI. It's super important for people when they're picking where they want to go for the evening."


What's a drink you wish more people would try and why?

"Our Colorado Bulldog is only our signature drink but it amazes me how many people ask what it is, " said Eiynck. "It is a delicious beverage - more of a dessert - but it's fantastic. I haven't met a person that didn't like it."


Second Place: Dempsey's Public House

Third Place: Shotgun Sally's Rock and Roll Saloon