Winner: Best Brewery 2017

Winner: Junkyard Brewing Company


Location: 1416 1st Ave. N., Moorhead


How do your brews stand apart from the local competition?

"We've kind of had this specialty from the very beginning," said co-owner Aaron Juhnke. "We specialize in brewing experimental styles and constantly rotating our menu."


What's your favorite draft?

"When people ask me that, my usual comeback is to ask them if they have any kids and then ask them which is their favorite. It's hard to pick one," said Junke.


What's a beer you wish more people would try?

"It's cool that people want to try new things and experiment with a lot of new and crazy styles.," he said. "I also think it would be cool if people kept a place in their fridge and their taste buds for a lot of the classic styles that have stood the test of time. Things like classic porters and stouts, English ales and classic American pale ale."



Second Place: Fargo Brewing Company

Third Place: Drekker Brewing Company