Winner: Best Sunday Brunch 2017

Winner: Granite City Food & Brewery


Location: 1636 42nd St. S., Fargo


What's the most popular Sunday brunch food?

"Hands down our reggiano hash browns," exclaimed Amanda Gaarder, the kitchen and restaurant manager at Granite City. ''They are parmesan crusted hash browns cooked to perfection."


What sets you apart from your competitors?

"The ever-changing options we offer. We'll always hold onto favorites, but we offer something new and exciting for returning visitors," Gaarder said. "One week you might get a flavorful pot roast and the next week it's a Caribbean Jerk salmon."


Why is Sunday brunch an important tradition?

"It's a great way to get together with your family and not have to worry about cleaning the house or washing dishes," said Gaarder. "We want our guests to spend time with those that are close to them while enjoying great food and wonderful craft beer."


Second Place: Lucky's 13 Pub

Third Place: The Boiler Room