FARGO — Customers expecting to see a new Sandy's Donuts open Tuesday, Sept. 10 — only for it to be closed — got a sweet surprise.

The store didn't open Tuesday because of a construction issue in the building, so the new shop in the Osgood neighborhood gave away free donuts to customers who were waiting outside.

Jeff Ostlund, the son of Sandy's Donuts owner Michael Ostlund and the production and facilities manager, said this is a nice way to give back to a community that's supported them for over 30 years.

"We wanted to give free donuts because we knew a lot of our customers would still be coming in to get donuts, and we wanted to make sure they were happy," Ostlund said.

Ostlund said he saw at least 500 people come by Tuesday morning, some as early as 5 a.m. He also said the new store should open Wednesday as long as there aren't any other problems in the building.