FARGO — When Fargo Brewing Company opened its doors in 2010, there was zero competition.

"People didn't really know what growlers were, people didn't know what tap rooms were — kind of the whole brewery concept was kind of new to this area," said co-founder Aaron Hill.

Now 9 years later, there's about a dozen breweries in the metro as more people develop a taste for craft beer.

"There's some other breweries in town who are making interesting beers, and I think people are starting to recognize that hey, there's some good beer in Fargo-Moorhead," said Hill.

Hill said the market is growing now more than ever.

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"Now there's a really nice beautifully paved trail behind us for other people to be able to come in and set up breweries," he added.

It's one of the reasons Sean Syverson and John Kapla decided to set up shop in Moorhead with Swing Barrel Brewing Co., opening in December.

They've already got tanks moved into the Center Avenue location, which is still under construction.

"We love the atmosphere; we love what Moorhead brings. The up-and-coming nature of what Moorhead's doing downtown fits what we want to do, and we want be a part of that growth," said Syverson.

The other breweries are welcoming them and answering any questions the two have.

"You have a common love and a common interest. Even if there's a little bit of competition, it's more of a friendly nature where good beer here helps promote the desire for people to go try someone else's beer over here," Syverson added.

Hill says their mission to bring craft beer to North Dakota was a success, and as long as people in the metro love to drink beer, they'll still be here.

There are more than 7,000 breweries in the U.S. The first one opened in Pennsylvania in 1829.