Check out our list below to find out how you can support your favorite bars, restaurants and other small businesses.

  • Buy a gift card: Consider investing up to $100 in gift cards, redeemable now or in the future, to infuse your favorite local eatery with some much needed cash.
  • Tip generously: A gratuity is typically a way to show appreciation for service. Consider not measuring just in terms of current service. Tip an amount based on service you’ve received in the past as well.
  • Be open to an ask: If you’ve asked a local hang-out to support your organization in the past, know they might be asking you for a favor now.
  • Hire displaced employees. If you’ve got openings, people need jobs. Seek out recommendations from your local restaurants and bars first. They know lots of people who need jobs now.
  • Buy a dining bond at
  • Order delivery or ask for a pick-up. Lots of places are still open, and still offering the food and beverages you enjoy. Call them and ask for an alternate option for enjoying their wares.
  • Keep checking We’re updating information and resources on how you can help almost daily.
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