Winner: Lucy's North China Cuisine

Location: 4323 45th St. S., #105, Fargo

What is your reaction to winning?

"We are so glad people like our food," says Lucy's North China Cuisine's spokesperson, Lin Lin. "We work hard to satisfy people every day, so we're happy to receive this honor again."

How have you managed during the pandemic?

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"During this very hard time, we are very lucky to have so many loyal customers supporting us by ordering takeout food. We are appreciative of their support," she says.

What are the most popular items on your menu and what is your favorite?

"Our General's Chicken is very popular and so is the Sweet and Sour Chicken," she says. "Everything we make is made by hand. It's authentic, so there are so many good dishes. I like the Dumplings and the Half Moon Flat Bread, which is pan-fried pork-filled bread."

Second Place: King House Buffet

Third Place: Snap Dragon Asian Buffet

Fourth Place: Nine Dragons

Fifth Place: Mandarin Kitchen Express