FARGO — Downtown cookie dough purveyor Scoop N Dough Candy Co. will soon be serving up sweets in south Fargo, owner Josh Ulrich confirmed to The Forum.

Plumbing work is currently underway at 4600 32nd Ave. S. for Scoop N Dough's second storefront, near the bustling intersection with 45th St. S. Ulrich said the south Fargo location is eyeing an opening date of sometime in June.

The city of Fargo issued a building permit for the new location Monday, March 29. Fit-up costs were listed at $201,300.

Scoop N Dough first opened at 206 Roberts Alley N. in May of 2018 and immediately smashed expectations, Ulrich said. "When we first opened, we double if not tripled the expectation the first year," he said.

With a strong backing from the community, Ulrich set his sights on expansion, eyeing south Fargo for the second shop.

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Still, he said that Scoop N Dough's downtown shop will remain open. "We're going to keep our downtown location, of course, because we still love downtown and are super excited to be a part of the downtown business community and the fun new things that are happening downtown this summer," he said.

The new Scoop N Dough location has been in the works since August of 2019, and though it's been a long time coming, "it never was canceled", Ulrich explained. "We had worked on it for quite some time," he said. "We were taking our time on it, for sure, and with COVID, we decided to pause."

While planning the second Scoop N Dough, Ulrich said he decided against opening Cottage Table, which was a proposed coffee and sandwich shop which also would have opened in the Blu 32 plaza.

The plaza will provide significantly more space than Scoop N Dough's current spot in Roberts Alley, which is roughly 500-square-feet. "It'll be much larger than our current spot," Ulrich said.

More room means more of Scoop N Dough's sweet delights. The new store will have expanded selections of cookie dough and ice cream as well as larger popcorn and candy areas.

New ice cream flavors will include vegan and dairy-free choices, which simply weren't possible to offer inside the small downtown shop.

Additionally, Scoop N Dough will offer some other food options. "We'll be doing some fun options like some homestyle hot dogs, nachos, cotton candy and different things like that, too," Ulrich said.

"Being able to have more candy options and popcorn options and being able to have some food options, cotton candy and more ice cream flavors, we just feel like it'll be the perfect addition for south Fargo," he continued.

Accessibility will also be significantly enhanced, as the Blu 32 plaza offers more parking and Scoop N Dough will have considerably more seating in the larger space. "Ever since we opened up our store downtown, we were really looking forward to having a spot that is a little bit more accessible for people to drive to and park in front of," Ulrich said.

Ulrich is also planning to host events at the south Fargo shop, beginning with Scoop N Dough’s grand opening specials in June.

After its strong opening in 2018, Scoop N Dough faced its fair share of headwinds, Ulrich said. In 2019, there were various construction projects downtown. In 2020, obviously, it was COVID-19.

2021, however, is shaping up to be a banner year for Scoop N Dough, Ulrich noted. "As long as everything goes well with COVID and everybody is doing what they need to do with vaccines, I think that we're going to have a really busy 2021," he said.

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