FARGO - Summer’s finally here, and if you plan to hit the patio at your favorite watering hole or restaurant, you’ll be glad to know there are plenty of pooch-friendly spots in Fargo-Moorhead.

It was the lure of visiting her 50th state that brought Patti Foster and her husband, David, to Moorhead and Junkyard Brewing Co on Tuesday, June 1.

Joining the Austin, Texas, couple on the patio were golden retrievers Skyy and Dog, lazing on the patio at the feet of their owners.

Also joining the Fosters were Tony and Taylor Grago, also of Austin. Yoshi, their mellow black lab mix, hid underneath the picnic table, peering at the world between the planks.

The pups are longtime patio patrons, Patti Foster said Tuesday, June 1.

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“At home, we take ’em as much as we can. This is their first roadtrip,” Patti said. “We make a point of going to patios” that are dog friendly.

Tony Grago said the dogs get more comfortable with each outing, though it helps to find a dog park and let them run first.

“The more you do it on the patio” the better they are,” Grago said, but “tire ’em out before.”


Taylor Grago said they use the BringFido.com website to find pup-friendly places. “It’s really helpful figuring out where we can go.”

Junkyard Co-owner Nate Haugen said allowing pets was pawsitively one of the brewery’s easiest decisions, fur sure.

“We know folks love getting outdoors with their pets in the summertime, and our patio seemed like a great space for them to enjoy a cold beer while spending some time with their pet,” Haugen said in an email Wednesday, June 2. “I think it brings additional life and energy to the patio that people (and pets) really enjoy.”

Also on Junkyard’s patio Tuesday was Alexa Leiran, with her feline friend, Tulip.

The year-old domestic shorthair eyed the inviting mystery of Junkyard’s taproom.

“This is her first time. She just loves it,” said Leiran, a senior at Minnesota State University Moorhead.

Being on a leash was no problem for Tulip.

“She loves being outside. She loves people. She’s super outgoing,” Leiran said.

Carson Mann, a friend of Leiran, said Tulip’s temperament is rock steady.

“When we got her, we socialized her right away. She’s bulletproof,” Mann said.

Alexa Leiran and Carson Mann share a laugh with their cat, Tulip, on the patio at Junkyard Brewing Company in Moorhead on Tuesday, June 1, 2021.
David Samson / The Forum
Alexa Leiran and Carson Mann share a laugh with their cat, Tulip, on the patio at Junkyard Brewing Company in Moorhead on Tuesday, June 1, 2021. David Samson / The Forum

Check out The Forum’s accompanying list of places in the Fargo-Moorhead area to chill with your critters, as well as the handy checklist to determine if your canine or kitty is up to scratch for partying on the patio.

Fur friendly patios in the F-M metro

Don’t like eating alone? Neither do we. The Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitors Bureau and The Forum have compiled this list of fur friendly outdoor patio (and in some cases, indoor) hangouts:

Downtown area Fargo:

  • Beer and Fish Company, 230 Roberts Alley
  • Bismarck Tavern, 522 Broadway N. (In the bar if they are friendly.)
  • Brew Bird, 30 N. University Dr.
  • Chub’s Pub & Package Place, 421 N. University Dr.
  • Cowboy Jack’s, 506 Broadway N.
  • The Empire, 424 Broadway N. (In the bar if they are friendly.)
  • DCR Brewing Co., 630 1st Ave. N. (On the patio and in the taproom)
  • Drekker Brewing, 1666 1st Ave. N. (On the patio and in the taproom)
  • Fargo Brewing Co., 610 N. University Dr.
  • Fort Noks Bar of Gold, 52 Broadway N.
  • Front Street Taproom, 614 Main Ave. (On the patio and in the taproom)
  • JL Beers, 518 1st Ave. N.
  • Nichole’s Fine Pastry, 13 8th St. S.

  • Old Broadway, 22 Broadway N.
  • Pounds, 612 1st Ave. N.
  • Red Raven Espresso Parlor, 916 Main Ave.
  • Sidestreet Grille & Pub, 404 4th Ave. N.
  • Tailgators Sports Cafe, 1322 Main Ave.
  • Toasted Frog, 305 Broadway N. (On the patio when it opens for summer.)
  • Twenty Below Coffee Co., 14 Roberts St. N.
  • Vinyl Taco, 520 1st Ave. N.
  • Wild Terra Cider, 6 12th St. N. (On the patio and indoors)
  • Wurst Bier Hall, 630 1st Ave. N.

Elsewhere in Fargo

  • Bulldog Tap, 4265 45th St. S.
  • Cracked Pepper, 4955 17th Ave. S.
  • Fargo Cork ‘N Cleaver, 3301 S. University Dr.
  • Frank’s Lounge, 2640 52nd Ave. S.
  • Granite City Food & Brewery, 1636 42nd St. S.
  • Herd & Horns, 1414 12th Ave. N.
  • Lucky’s 13 Pub, 4301 17th Ave. S.
  • Luna Fargo, 1545 S. University Dr.
  • McAlister’s Deli, 5600 28th Ave. S.
  • Mexican Village, 3155 45th St. S.

  • Plaza Azteca, 5505 28th Ave S.
  • Round Up Saloon, 4501 Urban Plains Dr. S.
  • The Tavern Grill, 4504 32nd Ave. S..

West Fargo

  • Barcode, 835 23rd Ave. E.
  • Bar Down, 3150 Sheyenne St.
  • BorderTown Bar & Grill, 807 Main Ave. E.
  • Hooligan’s Bar and Grill, 509 32nd Ave. W.
  • Spicy Pie, 745 31st Ave. E.
  • Tradition’s Restaurant and Bar, 3330 Sheyenne St.
  • Wurst Bier Hall West, 3179 Bluestem Dr.
  • West Fargo VFW, 444 Sheyenne St.

Moorhead and Dilworth

  • Brewtus’ Brickhouse, 935 37th Ave. S.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings, 2201 1st Ave. N. (Dogs allowed if the patio is not busy)
  • Harold’s On Main, 1330 Main Ave. (Dogs must remain leashed.)
  • Legends Sports Bar & Grill, 803 Belsly Blvd.
  • JL Beers, 2902 Hwy. 10 E., (218) 422-4400
  • Junkyard Brewing Company, 1416 1st Ave. N.
  • Murphy’s Pub, 808 S. 30th Ave.
  • Red Hen Taphouse, 1710 Center Ave. E., Dilworth (Dogs allowed if the patio is not busy)
  • Swing Barrel Brewing, 814 Center Ave.
  • Twenty Below Coffee Co., 600 8th St. S.

If your bar or restaurant patio is open to pets and you’re not mentioned, please email Helmut Schmidt at hschmidt@forumcomm.com to get added to the list.

Tips for chillin’ with four-legged friends

Here are some tips to consider before you decide to jump snoot first into patio life with your shepherd, shih tzu or Siamese:

  • Follow each venue’s guidelines when it comes to dogs and cats and call ahead to be sure a patio really is dog-friendly.
  • Secure your pet with a non-retractable leash.
  • Unless your dog fits comfortably underneath your table, seek a corner spot to keep your pupper out of foot traffic.
  • Age can be an issue. Have your pup or kitty fully vaccinated before it spends too much time interacting with other pets. A pup should be able to follow commands such as “sit” and “stay.” So it’s probably best to wait until your doglet is at least six months old. At the same time, older pets with arthritis or joint problems may be uncomfortable laying on the hard ground of a patio.
  • Behavior is also important. Other diners don’t want to hear your dog barking and whining and otherwise raising the woof, and waiters and waitresses don’t want to have to dodge critters with the zoomies.
  • Consider temperament. Does your critter companion enjoy other people? Are they calm around other animals? It’s important to understand their limitations.
  • Training. Does your doggo reliably sit and stay? Will they listen to “leave it” or “drop it” if something tasty lands in front of them? Will they try to beg scraps from strangers?
  • Bring a bowl and water. Don’t assume the restaurant or bar will provide Bowser with a bowl of water.
  • Bring treats or a chew toy. Even the most well-trained dogs and cats can get sidetracked by the smell of food all around them.
  • Bring a towel or mat for your pet for comfort on hot, sunny days. If it’s a real scorcher, consider leaving your pet at home.
  • Make sure they do their doo-ty first. Take your dog for a pre-patio run or walk first to ensure they’re tired and won’t leave a mess. (Bring poop bags, just in case.)
  • Have an exit strategy. If your pet is too cranky for patio time, ask for a doggy bag and hightail it home.