Fargo - In recent weeks, Darrell Hansen was the poster child of mixed emotions as he watched North Dakota State University battle its way to the NCAA Division I FCS football championship game.

Like many here, Hansen found the Bison victories deeply satisfying.

On the other hand, every playoff win carried Hansen and his business partners in the West Fargo and Moorhead Furniture for Less stores closer to a fiscal cliff, of sorts.

That’s because at the start of the season they made a bet. It went something like this:

Customers who bought at least $2,015 worth of furniture at Furniture for Less stores during the second week in October would get their purchase price refunded (minus taxes and delivery charges) if the Bison played in the FCS championship game on Saturday and won by 15 points or more.

The promotion applied to the first $80,000 worth of furniture purchased during that period, or to the first 30 customers who spent $2,015 or more, whichever was reached first.

Beyond that, customers who made the minimum required purchase during the same period would see half of their purchase price refunded if the Bison won the championship game by at least 15 points.

Hansen said when the Bison entered the playoffs he found himself cheering for them as loudly as everyone else.

“It’s a funny thing,” he said. “Sincerely, it’s a mixed-emotion thing.

“I was glued to the TV. I wasn’t rooting against them, I was rooting for them,” said Hansen, who added that whether or not customers end up getting a big discount because of the bet, they still received good deals on their furniture.

“They did OK,” he said.

“We make a big thing about guaranteeing we’re the lowest price, apples to apples, so nobody gets harmed when they buy at Furniture for Less.”


Who: NDSU Bison vs. Illinois State Redbirds

When: Noon, Saturday

Channel: ESPN2

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