With only 3 days until Christmas, shoppers are making a mad dash for last-minute deals.

"A lot of buy one get one free, 50% off type deals so definitely going to capitalize on that," said shopper, Jessica Gylden.

Shoppers out at West Acres Mall were looking for the perfect gift for their loved one on Sunday, Dec. 22.

"My dad's not the easiest person in the world to find and my mom's not picky," said shopper Steven Vilhauer.

They're not the only ones, according to the National Retail Federation, more than 134 million shoppers waited until the weekend of Super Saturday to buy gifts, and the biggest procrastinators will still be buying gifts through Christmas Eve.

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Some people say they waited this long because the holidays snuck up on them, with six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Other shoppers like Vilhauer have a method to their procrastinating madness.

"I kind of enjoy the chaos and the madness of everybody so there's a little bit of charm to that so I kind of enjoy just watching people go out and doing the same thing," he said.

Carrying all those gifts through the store can get tiring, so you might want to throw them into your car and shop some more, but Fargo police said there could be a Grinch waiting for the perfect opportunity to go gift shopping in your car.

"I just can't imagine the personality that would go into a car lot and break into a car and steal gifts from somebody during the Christmas holiday," said shopper Ember Mowery.

The biggest thing is to make sure your car is locked, but there are ways you can keep your gifts hidden away from prying eyes in the first place.

"If I can throw like a garbage bag or something in the back like a black one, cover everything it keeps it away from watching eyes," said Vilhauer.

"We have blankets in the back you cover it up with a blanket or coats, today is a beautiful day so there were coats left in the car so we can cover them up in the back," said Mowery.

This will make sure your last-minute presents make it home under the tree Christmas morning.