FARGO — Men's clothing retailer Halberstadt's has announced plans to double its footprint at the West Acres Shopping Center, 3902 13th Ave. S.

The store will take over the space currently occupied by GameStop, which has plans to move within West Acres, as well as the former SHU by R&G and The Limited stores.

Once the expansion is complete June 1, the store will cover nearly 12,000 square feet. The larger store will feature an extended denim selection as well as larger selections of suits, sport coats, shirts, ties and more.

Managing partner Barry Gruchow said Halberstadt's an example of what is still possible in traditional retail.

"Being a local business that has been a part of West Acres Mall for more than 25 years, we are beyond excited to be part of the innovative changes happening at the mall," Gruchow said. "Despite what you may have heard about the so-called demise of traditional retail, this expansion proves that many business are in fact thriving. Having West Acres as a home for one of our three locations allows us the opportunity to bring the very best in menswear to our community."