Winner: Best Bank/Credit Union 2017

Winner: Bell Bank

Location: 20 full-service banks in North Dakota and Minnesota, 12 of which are in the Red River Valley.


In your opinion, why is Bell Bank the best bank in the Fargo Moorhead area?

"It's the people," said Michael Solberg, Bell Bank President and CEO. "For 50 years, the Bell Bank team, along with our loyal customers and friends in the community, have been working to build a company that thrives first and foremost on being a great place to work and do business. When you do that, "the numbers" take care of themselves."


"One of the unique programs we're most proud of is Pay It Forward," states Solberg. "Bell Bank has empowered grassroots giving by providing each employee $1,000 every year to give to individuals, families or organizations in need. As Pay It Forward enters its tenth year, our team members have given away more than $10 million to help others wherever they feel it's needed most."


Second Place: Gate City Bank

Third Place: VISIONBank