Winner: Best Tattoo Shop 2017

Winner: 46 & 2 Tattoo

Location: 308 N. University Dr., Fargo


What makes you different from other tattoo parlors?

"We have multiple artists so our shop can handle so much with a strong collection of artists with different specialities and styles," said Libby Tossey, tattoo artist and shop spokeswoman. "We are excited to do our job and love to brainstorm, so the shop has an atmosphere in which we can bounce off ideas of each other to give clients designs that are truly thought out."


What is the best reason to get a tattoo?

I believe giving a client something to look forward to having permanently adorned on themselves is so fun! We can cover/distract from scars or other tattoos because confidence looks good on everyone," said Tossey. "Some people use them as memorials or mementos, but any reason is a good reason, as long as you research artists so you get a quality piece!" Tossey said.


How do you help select a design?

"Reference and inspirational photos are great. They don't need to be tattoos--design and inspiration can come from everywhere," said Tossey. "As long as we get specifics, size, location, even what you don't like can help fine-tune a custom design."


Second Place: Addictions Tattoo & Piercing

Third Place: Amarok Tattoo Studio