Winner: Best Home Builder 2017

New home owners can choose a variety of sample items from a model kitchen at Thomsen Homes in south Fargo. David Samson / The Forum

Winner: Thomsen Homes

Location: 3168 41st St. S. Ste. #1, Fargo


What's the best thing about your customers?

"Being able to share in a client's journey to build their home is the most gratifying aspect in what we do as a home builder," marketing manager Lauren Huff said. "Each client is different and comes in with their own vision of what they want their home to be, so being a part of the home they are creating for their family is the best thing about each and every one of our clients."


What's the coolest feature you've put in a home?

"Each client and home we build and design has a unique feature. We really work with clients to customize the home to fit their needs and lifestyle. Seeing their vision come together is the 'coolest feature' and most rewarding," said Huff.


What feature would you add to your own home?

"I'm a huge fan of black accents with large kitchen islands. The bigger the better! Or add a large, luxurious bathroom," said Huff. "A substantial amount of our time is spent in the master suite and having a nice space to wake up to is priceless. A close second, is the bar area in the basement. This feature allows for entertaining with friends and family."


Second Place: Heritage Homes

Third Place: Designer Homes of Fargo Moorhead