Winner: Best Butcher Shop 2017

Winner: Meats By John & Wayne

Location: 1801 45th St. S., Fargo


What are your thoughts on another win?

"It's good to know that the customers appreciate what we do," said co-owner Sam Resha. "We cut their orders especially for them, and it's great they keep coming back and voting for us as Best Butcher Shop. We try to have the best customer service we can, so it really means a lot to us."


Besides specially cutting an order, what other popular products or services do you provide?

"We sell seafood, elk, buffalo, lamb and we also process wild game for hunters, so it brings in a lot of customers during deer season. We process the deer and make sausage for hunters."


What's a particular cut or product people might not know about?

"When we cut our chuck roasts, the first two steaks we cut are chuck eyes. They're like a poor man's ribeye. They're cheaper than a ribeye, but they look the exact same with the marbling. People really don't know about them, but whenever we cut up a chuck roast ... it's hard to keep them in the store because people will come in, see them and be like, 'I want that right now.' It falls apart in your mouth when you grill it up."


Second Place: Prime Cut Meats

Third Place: NDSU Meat Lab