Winner: Best Dental Office 2017

Winner: Maple Family Dental

Location: 594 Main St., Horace


What does it mean for your business to win Best of the Valley?

"We are so humbled to have such a strong support system within the community," said Maple Family Dental's oral health educator, Tara Bultema. "We just opened in February so for us it means everything to know people see our hard work."


What's the best piece of advice you can give for good dental health?

"Start now. That's my biggest piece of advice for anyone." Bultema said. "Start with easy habits. Floss your teeth, brush everyday, and get a regular checkup. The sooner you start the better off you'll be."


What's the best thing about your patients?

"They really care and are so supportive. We're fairly new, but we're already starting to see people back for 6-month checkups, and that's so exciting." Bultema said. "We want to grow old with our patients. When they go through ups and downs we want to be right there with them."


Second Place: Tronsgard & Sullivan DDS, PC

Third Place: South University Dental Associates