Winner: Best Nail Salon 2017

Winner: Polished Nail Spa

Location: 102 Broadway N., Fargo; 4265 45th St. S. Ste. 129, Fargo and Timber Creek on 52nd and 50th in Fargo


What's your reaction to winning?

"Very excited because keeping the best nail salon title isn't easy. Every year I worry about losing," said Thuy Le owner of Polished Nail Spa


What sets you apart from your competitors?

"I feel like our clients know we are consistent. We don't offer a ton of services but what we offer we feel like clients know we do well," said Le. "Plus, we work to maintain great relationships with clients and strive to have consistency between nail technicians at all 3 of our locations."


What's a service you provide that customers might not know about?

"Every October we do ½ off rock star toes." What are rock star toes? It is glitter encased in gel. Additionally, Polished offers "gift cards, which are great holiday gifts and during the holidays we run a special starting Black Friday-for every $50 you buy you get $10 free." Polished also opened a 3rd location at Timber Creek on Memorial weekend. "We are trying to stay on leading edge of where growth is in Fargo," said Le.


Second Place: The Nail Bar

Third Place: @Nails